ECO: Waste Not

Handmade ECO-friendly products where 35%-100% of sales will provide jobs creating a positive impact on society.


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2015-06-24 12.27.48 1.jpg



By Vera Gray

One-of-a-kind, triple strand, crocheted cotton necklace featuring a unique charm.

Fully adjustable 

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Vera grew up in Germany where she learned to knit and crochet at a very young age from her mom and grandma. She remembers the days when it was frowned upon to knit as a teenager; it was just not cool back then but she didn’t care. It was her outlet and she designed many of her own sweaters that were admired by others. Thankfully that mindset about knitting has long changed and Vera has learned many other things since then like sewing, quilting, pottery, stained glass, painting and many more crafts. She has to keep her hands and mind busy all the time and she's never running out of ideas, just time.  Vera now does what she loves full-time. You can visit her on Facebook at ‘A Bouquet of Gifts’ to see some of the things she's made and to find out where she currently sell's her art. Thank you for your support.

All of the ECO: Waste Not products are produced and sold to provide real work and real pay to people with disabilities.

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