ECO: Waste Not

Handmade ECO-friendly products where 35%-100% of sales will provide jobs creating a positive impact on society.


I've been a retired Nurse Practitioner with lung disease and Lupus for many years and when my husband passed away I became bored and decided to learn to make jewelry.  It's now a hobby I enjoy very much!  I've also taken an interest in natural homemade soaps and face creams and am currently exploring them. I have some physical limitations but still enjoy a vast array of activities and am blessed with a large supportive family.


Vera grew up in Germany where she learned to knit and crochet at a very young age from her mom and grandma. She remembers the days when it was frowned upon to knit as a teenager; it was just not cool back then but she didn’t care. It was her outlet and she designed many of her own sweaters that were admired by others. Thankfully that mindset about knitting has long changed and Vera has learned many other things since then like sewing, quilting, pottery, stained glass, painting and many more crafts. She has to keep her hands and mind busy all the time and she's never running out of ideas, just time.  Vera now does what she loves full-time. You can visit her on Facebook at ‘A Bouquet of Gifts’ to see some of the things she's made and to find out where she currently sell's her art. Thank you for your support.


My name is Michelle Johnson and I have Cerebral Palsy which leaves me with the inability to walk, speak and use my left hand.  For this reason, I refer to my art as “Right on Art.”

I was born and raised in Connecticut and developed a passion for painting in elementary school and over the years I have created a style that is unique.  I work with acrylics and oils on canvas and with color pencils and markers.  In my early thirties I became interested in photography and found another use for my right hand.

I’m inspired by the beauty of my travels to Bermuda, Aruba, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, the Bahamas and the states where I’ve lived and visited here in our wonderful country.

I have participated in a One Woman Art Show as well as shows with other artist with disabilities.  I won third prize in the amateur division of a national art program, and my work can be seen at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Library in Washington, D.C., The Tacoma Park Museum in Maryland and Supreme Court in Hartford, Connecticut.

Because of my inability to speak, I use sign language and a communication device.  At times, it is difficult for me to express myself even with these things, but with my art I can speak volumes.                                                 


Rhonda Morrison (b.1975) is an abstract artist who lives in rural Northeastern Pennsylvania. Rhonda cannot remember a time she was not an artist. She began to produce large paintings in high school based on social issues that concerned her. She attended Keystone College at the age of 15 to study fine arts. Rhonda then took some time off to raise her children and travel. She has now returned to painting, applying her diverse background and experiences to her work. She is inspired by sound, old discarded things, rusted metals, history, and items nature has aged over time. Rhonda loves fusing these items with acrylics and other mediums to express her perspective on life and ancestral history, local, and worldly.

Artist Statement:

"Mixed media painting and ink drawings are my primary chosen path of self-expression. I use pen, ink, pencil, paint, and collected found items from hiking with my family throughout Pennsylvania, New York, and Massachusetts. As a piece of work develops I cross-pollinate these items with stories of the human condition, and the sonic textures from music to express my ponderings of these relationship. Like pages in a book they establish an abstract narrative flavored by the interconnectedness of life". 


Keystone College, fine arts

Pennsylvania Governors School of Fine Arts


2014, Heft’s Fall Artist Tour, Rush, PA

2014, Dove Cottage, Oak Bluffs, MA 

Private collection, Wailuku, HI

Private collection, Martha’s Vineyard, MA

Private collection, Auburn, MA

Private collection, Montrose, PA

Private collection, Binghamton, NY

Private collection, Hallstead, PA 

Public collection, Montrose Area School District, Montrose, PA

MaidenDesigns was established to create awareness and opportunity for individuals working in sheltered workshops (work centers authorized to employ people with disabilities, often paying below-minimum wages and offering little or no community interaction). 100% of the proceeds from each unique, handmade MaidenDesigns piece sold will fund ECO: Waste Not, an organization whose goal is to provide real work and real wages to all, training and empowering employees to contribute to their communities by producing high-quality, sustainably-sourced goods.  


I love what I do and I wish I had started when I was younger because there are so many things I would still like to learn.  In the late 1990's I was looking for a birthday gift for my sister and found a beautiful necklace in one of the high end department stores but the craftsmanship was terrible.  The thought popped into my head that I could make it better so I went to the library and took out books on beading.  The rest I guess you could say is history.  I am basically self-taught from books, photographs and videos.  I love working with gemstone beads and my passion is working with pearls.  My goal with each piece is to create a beautiful one-of-a-kind, well made piece(s) of jewelry.  My new line is wire wrapped gemstone cabs and beautiful sea glass and pottery.


Ariana is a writer, artisan soaper, and all around Renaissance woman from Seymour, CT. A lifelong lover of animals, Ariana has turned her fascination and deep, spiritual connection with wildlife and pets into a profession. She feels that bath and body items should be fun, functional, and bring out the animal in you, from the cuddliest rabbit to the most smoldering vixen. She strives to make everything with the highest quality, ethically sourced, local, and organic ingredients, and with the most important ingredient of all: love. Though she suffers from chronic depression and anxiety, she channels her energy into making artisanal soaps, bath bombs, shower steamers, perfume balm, etc.